Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm starting my resolutions on Chinese New Year

Hi all!

Been a little slow in posting this new year, which is a shame, since and of my main resolutions was to post more. . . as you can see, I'm off to a stellar start, but at least it's still January!

The holidays were lovely and it was very, very nice to take a bit of a break but now I'm back and in full force! Can you feel it? Aw Yeah! I know you can!!!

So since it's a new year and talk of resolutions has already started let me continue. . . I resolve. . .
. . . to keep my Etsy shop super full all the time!
. . . to get my wholesale catalog all sussed out.
. . . to expand the product line.
. . . to make more portraits.
. . . to post pictures of all new things on this here blog!
. . . to be generally totally awesome!

Hope I live up to them!!!

I'll post some pics of some new fabric I picked up at the most wonderfully wacky discount fabric store in all the world (yet another plus in the Bakersfield column) and some of the new bags I've made with it.

Talk to you later!

hearts and puppies,