Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh! More fuel for the anxiety fire

To add to my anxiety, another show:

Art Star Craft Bazaar

Are you in Philadelphia? Want to be in Philadelphia on the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd? Well, come on by and see if I break out of my block and make lots of pretty things to sell! That's exciting drama, is it not? Almost like watching Rocky! But with more felt woodland creatures and less raw egg drinking, meat beating, rope jumping, and pummeling. I probably won't win any Oscars either. . . . So really, nothing like Rocky. . . But it will be fun and I won't make you run up any steps!

Oh, there will also be tons of other awesome designers and craftspeople there as well. You should come. Boys 2 Men will be there with cheesesteaks!*

hearts and puppies,

* Boys 2 Men probably won't be there with cheesesteaks but, hey, anything's possible at the Art Star Craft Bazaar!

At the begining of "craft lockdown" I'm stuck for ideas. . .

With show season fast approaching, I've come to the time I call "craft lockdown" where I sit at home and sew, paint, embellish, and sew some more for 15 to 20 hours a day in preparation for the sales to come. Craft lockdown is just that, I don't really leave the house unless it's an absolute necessity, I loose touch with friends and family and I only shower when I start to gross myself out (I know eeewww, over share!). It's the time of year I'm super thankful I have an understanding, supportive roommate. Because, honestly, I get a little crazy during lockdown. . . okay. . . a lot crazy. . . but it does seem to work for me and I always seem to get things done.

That is until now. . .

I have such a killer design block right now! Nothing new seems to be coming out. I could do what I've done before just to have stuff to sell, but I don't really want to do that. I feel like there's progress to be made, that there's ideas in there. I have them during the day, I even write them down but when I try to execute them, they fall flat. Like this bag I just made. Blech. A big ugly, pleated mess. It's so discouraging.

And now I ask myself, am I pushing myself too far? Should I just go back to what I'm good at which is the embellishment, the applique, the embroidery, and leave the fancy bag shapes and fabrics to the people who can actually make patterns and sew them up all pretty like? Should I just stick to basic shapes like the sewing remedial I am?

BAH. I hate feeling like this. It's been going on for a while (notice my almost empty etsy shop) but I was hoping that, if i just let it be, it would pass. But it hasn't passed and I can't wait any longer! I need ideas that work and I need them now. If I can't come up with anything I'm gonna have to trot out the same old deer and birds and I really don't want to do that.


hearts and puppies,

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

required updates

Hi all,
Haven't posted in a bit because there's not all that much happening. I mean, there's stuff happening. . . painting fabric like mad, figuring out designs, numbers, logistics. . . but nothing that produces deep, crafty insight or pretty pictures. Thus the quiet. . . but there are a few things to share. . .

The New York City Craft Mafia (of which I am a part) is hosting it's first big event:

If you couldn't gather, it's a supply swap. What you do is you come bearing all the supplies you no longer use, supplies from projects past or projects never started, and trade them in for new supplies!

$5 and your supplies gets you a big ol' bag to fill with whatever you want.
Have no stray supplies lying around but want to partake in the fun? $20 will get you that same big bag.

The swap will be held from Noon to 4pm on May 12th in the back yard of Archangela, a shoe boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Swag Bags for the first 50 Swappers! Hope to see you there!

Additionally, my imaginary boyfriend and I will be hocking our wares at the Renegade Craft Fair held this year in Brooklyn's finest giant drained swimming pool, McCarren Park Pool . Last year's Renegade was so much fun, we can't wait to do it again!

That's it for now. I have some pillows almost done and another bag design to mock up. When they're finished, you'll be the first to see them, promise.

hearts and puppies,

Friday, April 6, 2007

Bit by the blog bug!

Started a new blog the other day.
Now I have some scanning to do.

hearts and puppies,

Thursday, April 5, 2007

They call them shadow boxes for a reason. . .


Well, here, as promised, is the shadow box I made for Joi. Funny thing about trying to take pictures of a shadow box. . . it's hard because of. . . well. . . all the shadows. Anyway. . . this is it.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Here are two other views:

The box is 5" by 7", painted in a dark blue-green with an abstract berry design painted up both sides in a light turquoise, and finished with a high gloss varnish. Inside, the box is painted with a golden yellow tinted varnish, the back is a page from a 1957 encyclopedia entry on the sun and sunlight.

The star if this shadow box is the tree. It's wool felt with embroidery accents and stuffed with good ol' polyfill. The pattern on the trunk was stitched freehand using split stitch and french knots.

Then there's my favorite part, the sweeps week guest star if you will (and I will!), the hot pink squirrel scampering up its trunk!

Hope Joi likes it as much as I do.

hearts and puppies,

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

OH! I forgot to post this! Diorama Lodge!?!?!

So I missed this yesterday because I had some sewing to do but my, oh my do I want to go next month! Who wants to go with me? Come on y'all!

Diorama Lodge

8:00 - 11:00 DIORAMA LODGE: Got a hankering for liquor-fueled arts and crafts?Are you one of those people who relished those assignments in elementary school that required you to create a diorama? Do you see a shoe box as the setting for a whole new world? Do you miss the taste of paste - or are you a hot shot with a glue gun? Do you save boxes of junk in case someday you might 'make something' out it.The theme will be announced on the night of... and there will be one first prize, voted on by all the creators (and drinkers) that show up. Bring your own shoebox plus glue, found objects, foil, toothpicks, craft store doo-dads, string, cotton balls, cake toppers, general junk, and inspiration. Bring stuff for your own diorama - but you are also strongly encouraged to bring stuff to share with the communal stew of diorama ingredients. (Note: We will be required to clean up after ourselves.) Arrive at 8pm for 8:15 start. (8-11:00pm), Held on the first Tuesday of every month after...

Feeling better now. Thank you.

Hi all!
Just wanted to thank all my friends for their support and for saying all the things that would have been petty if they had come out of my mouth (or from my fingers).

Thanks to all my Craft Mafia girls for their "What were they thinking!?!"-s. A special thanks to Joi for talking to me for a full hour and telling me all of her conspiracy theories on my slight and then commissioning a shadow box from me. Working on that box really helped me focus on something other than a mind full of "What did I do wrong?"

Thanks to Cindy for telling me that they're obviously crazy.

Thanks to Tom for trying, though he called at the worse time and I threw him over for a giant tray of Los Pollitos Super Nachos with chicken and 2 pieces of their yummy Mex-corn (and thanks to Los Pollitos for all their tasty goodness at a very affordable price). Even without all of the food that had just been delivered, I just wasn't ready to suss out the why-s of it all. Thanks for understanding (that thanks goes to my Mom too).

Thanks to Julie and Steve for letting me sit on their couch, watch their Showtime on demand (yea! This American Life!) and various other TV wonders (I stand by my stance that Robin Hood is good and fun!), drink their beer, and eat their food for almost all of Sunday. They made me laugh and completely took my mind off anything imaginary boyfriend related.

That is all for now. I'll post pictures of Joi's shadow box soon.

hearts and puppies,