Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Embroidery Classes @ ReFormSchool: Home Ec.

Do you live in LA? Want me to teach you to embroider? Well, you're in luck! My Embroidery 101 class at ReForm School: Home Ec. has just had an extra session added. There are still spaces left in the March 4th class if you're interested. Call ReForm School for more information.

Interested? Here's what you'll get:
This stitch sampler:

and the fabric to make your own during the class as you learn the above stitched (and more!).
AND. . .
This Sampler:
(or a pack of Sublime Stitching patterns) upon which to practice your newly learned stitches.

All for $60! What a deal!!!

Hearts and puppies,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wednesday's CraftStylish: Make a hip, cute sofa cover for your pet

So this month was pet month over at CraftStylish. Here's what I've made for tomorrow's post:

Dog proofing the sofa.

The reverse side is orange polar fleece and the whole thing is quilted along the scallops in the fabric's pattern.

The how-to for this project will be on CraftStylish at 12pm EST.

Hearts and puppies,

I'm not dead! I swear!

I know, I've been away for ages. I'm so sorry.

Why, you may ask, have I been gone? Well, I suppose it's two fold. . . One: non-Boyfriend things have sort of taken over in these parts and Two: I feel I've sort of let everyone down with promises of big things to come and then they didn't. I know that's silly, but it was like I failed myself and in a way failed you, so I went into a bit of hiding.

Anyway. . . Here I am!

I'm still feeling kind of stuck Boyfriend-wise, unsure where to go beyond logs and log related merchandise. The big plan that fell through. . . well, I was going to start a robot-a-day project in the new year but the new year came fast (as new years often do) and life problems put craft plans on hold. I still want to do it but I'm still unsure of when I'll be able to start.

So, yeah, these past few months have been uncertain here at MIBF HQ, much as they've been the whole world wide, but since I try to keep this craft and Boyfriend centered I just kept my bitching to myself and Facebook.

But I promise I'm back.

I want to start a few regular features. The first will be my thrift/antique finds. I'm going to make you all sooooo jealous that I live here in cosmopolitan Bakersfield! I'll also link to my regular CraftStylish posts and keep you up to date as I try to further my screen printing skills in the very near future. What I won't do is hide in my shell again when things get tough. I'll share my work with you both the great work and the not so great. What I make, you will see.

I'm back. . . I'm back for good.

Hearts and Puppies,