Monday, January 22, 2007

addendum to my previous post

Just wanted to let y'all know I have nothing against bitching about celebrities, talking about my bodily functions, mood, or weight, or politics. Some of my favorite blogs cover those very topics and most of my daily conversations do as well (if it weren't for the Democratic party my dad and I would have nothing to talk about!) but I also know how easy it will be for me to veer wildly off topic if those subjects are on the table.

Plus there are like 10,000 other blogs out there who, with far more grace and wit, can muse on the hot mess that is Paris Hilton. I leave that to the Gawkers and Defamers of the world. . . I'll stick to crafts. . .

Friday, January 19, 2007

The tinniest splash.

It is with the smallest ker-plop that I jump into this big ocean of the blog. Ugh, blog, such an ugly word, can't I just call it an online journal like the old days (back in 2003)? Anyway. . .
Eventually this will be linked to my website, ,and to the New York Craft Mafia site but until that day this can be our little secret. Ssshhhh. . .

So I guess I should start this thing with some sort of manifesto or statement as to my purpose here.

I will be writing about:
my imaginary boyfriend (his name is Harold, by the way)
crafts in general
glitter, glue, polymer clay, sewing, embroidery, and felt in particular
once and future projects
how to's/tutorials

But will occasionally veer into talk of:
my mom
my dog, Viola
old movies
my affection for Jim on the Office
Martha Stewart

And will try to avoid:
bitching about celebrities
talking about my bodily functions, mood, or weight

I guess that's it for now. Now that I've tried this new fangled blog thing I think I'll go get one of those Myspace page thingies I keep hearing about. . .

hearts and puppies,