Monday, June 30, 2008

Everyone LOVES a Log!

I came home to a wonderful happy surprise today. . . Logs are on the Apartment Therapy San Francisco blog!

Aw Yeah!!!! Log Love!
Log beauty shot

Yippy! What a nice thing to come home to after a show where I sold very little. Where the only excitement came from me stabbing myself in the leg frighteningly near my lady parts! No skin was broken but man oh man, do I have a troublesome bruise. . . ouch.

But on the bright side, I have stuff for Renegade!

Talk laters!

Hearts and puppies!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy busy busy!

Can't stay long, just wanted to let you know I've 2 shows coming up! First!

And then. . .
Yippy! Now back to sewing!!!

Hearts and puppies,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Okay. . . I've been tagged. . .

I soooo live in my little bubble that I'm always amazed to find out that anyone other than Cindy, Joi, and my mom ever read this little ol' blog. But apparently they do! And I've been tagged one of them, the lovely Taz of Cut It and Pin It. Since I mustn't let down my non-related readership I am more than happy to answer these probing questions. . .

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Well. . . I had just graduated from the Boston Conservatory with a BFA in musical theater having already decided to take a break from acting having had a major breakdown earlier in the year. To fill the time between classes in tap dancing and crying, I worked at Tower Records (RIP) at the corner of Newbury and Mass. Ave. I knew a lot about soundtracks and pop music and had a grand time acting the know-it-all and making no money. All of my best stories come from my time at that store. . . memories. . . Oh! I also went to a metric ton of concerts that year (yet another way to avoid school) and was WAY into swing dancing and music. I went the whole 9 with that, it was a great excuse to wear my many vintage cocktail dresses (most of which I still have! though they are very tight if they fit at all, boo.)

2. Is missing!

3. What snacks do you enjoy?

What I enjoy and what I can have these days seem to be two different things. . . I love cheese and chocolate but I'm trying to be a good girl and eating a lot of fresh fruit, homemade soy and fruit smoothies, granola bars, and fresh juices (if it all works maybe I'll fit into those dresses soon!)

4. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
I'd be very generous! I'd give a million right away to the best public radio station in the whole wide world, KEXP. I'd do right by all my family and friends, buy a few houses, travel like mad, go crazy at Marc Jacobs, invest, and open a shop someplace wonderful. . . San Francisco? London? New York?

5. Where have you lived?
In order:
Bakersfield, CA
Boston, MA
San Francisco, CA
Back to Bakersfield
New York, NY (mostly in Brooklyn but briefly in Manhattan)
Back once more and for now in Bakersfield (sigh)

6. What jobs have you had?
Man. . . this question along with the 10 years ago question sure make this a depressing tag for li'l ol' Erika. . . Anyway. . . In order:
Clerk and know-it-all - Tower Records (Boston and San Francisco)
Substitute High School Teacher
Bookseller - Barnes & Noble
Personal Assistant
Admin Assistant
Sales Associate - Charles Tyrwhitt
Temping once more
VERY Small Business Owner - my imaginary boyfriend!!!

7. Who would I like to know more about?
Oooh. . . this is where I figure out who to tag. . . I'll have to think on that and get back to this one! Hum. . . thinking. . .

Well that's it!

Hearts and puppies,

Renegade Craft Fair, Brooklyn This Weekend!!!

Woo Hoo!

Sorry I've been remiss in posting of late. Been a combo of busy getting ready for Renegade and utterly uninspired. . . will talk more of the former when I get back from New York, but for now Renegade!

I'll be sharing a booth with the always lovely Sarah of Gavin&Lily. We have a wonderful location smack in the middle of the pool (That would be the pool made famous by Tyra and Co. in the latest "cycle" of America's Next Top Model! Aw yeah! What? You missed it?). If you are in the Brooklyn area this weekend, come by and say, "Hi!" I'd love to meet you!

Talk laters!

Hearts and puppies,