Thursday, May 13, 2010

More new things from MIBF HQ

Hi All!

Well, Maker Faire is less than 2 weeks away and I've got sooooo much to do before I head up to lovely San Mateo. Still, I can't leave you hanging, now, can I? Here's a few more snaps of the latest items to come out of my chaotic craft room.

The great take over!
A gaggle of Sasquatch have joined the Yetis.

And to make use of all the cool coffee mugs I find while thrifting. . . The Coffee Klatch Pin Cushion
Coffee Klatch Pin Cushions
More details from the top:
Coffee Klatch Pin Cushions- detail, top

Okay, must finish my sandwich and then get back to work!

Hearts and puppies,

This one's for Joi, for reminding me to do my job.

I was profiled over at Craft: for the upcoming Bazaar Bizarre.
Here's the link!

Now off to sleep and then back to stitching in the morning. Woot!

Hearts and puppies,