Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The one in which Erika does the right thing. . .

So. . . a few months back I made this:


And I grew quite attached to it. Even though I had started to make it for someone else I really really really wanted to keep it for myself. The closer I got to finishing it, the more I wanted to keep it forever. But then it sat there in my room for a bit. . . in a corner. . . and every time I looked at it I felt guilty because it was never meant for me. . . it was meant for Alex. So this Christmas I did the right thing and sent the lovely stuffed Tardis to it's proper home. Here's the reaction it got:

Alex and his Tardis

Pretty great reaction, huh? Yeah. . . he was happy. . . I did the right thing. . . and that's what Christmas is all about! Now I'm off to make one of my very own.

hearts and puppies,

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays! I'm never doing that again!!!

Hello beautiful, beautiful people!!!

Well, my show season is over. . . 5 shows. . . 6 weeks and a metric ton of felt. It was all exhausting and overwhelming and I think I may have lost 70% of my friends because I fell into my little craft hovel so intensely. Friends! Don't take it personally! I do love you still!

I know I still have more to say but I must admit I'm still a bit shell shocked by the whole affair. Once I fully get over it all I'm sure I'll have better insight on it all. Absolutely sure! It will be deep and great and life affirming. . . for sure. . .

Now I have to make Christmas presents for friends (who will all get them late, sorry, thanks for understanding!). Never stop working this one. . .

Thanks to all who came by at all the shows! It was so great to meet everyone. And if you've bought something. . . thanks even more! Thanks too to all who stopped by my Etsy shop! Things have been flying away over there. It's been really wonderful.

Well. . . that's all for now. . . Happy Holidays! Talk soon!

hearts and puppies,

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bust Holiday Craftacular!!!

The show that's soooo great and soooo fun that they actually had to make up a word for it is coming up this very weekend! It's the 3rd Annual Bust Holiday Craftacular! Woo hoo! Dancing and singing all around!!!

We here at my imaginary boyfriend HQ have been lucky enough to be involved with this show since the begining. . . in fact, the Craftacular was our very first show back in 2005 (so long ago. . . I wore my hair in ribbons then. . . ah, yes I remember it well. . . Oh, sorry.). This year we're sharing our table with the lovely Sarah of Gavin&Lily and most recently of Birch Handmade. We luv, luv, luv sharing with Sarah! She's so our crafting BFF! And it doesn't hurt that she makes some of the prettiest jewelery around. Yeah. . . my imaginary boyfriend and I only have the most talented friends. . .

Well I guess that's all for now. Must get back to sewing felt rock and logs and such. Remember to come by if you're in New York. It promises to be the funnest of fun times!

hearts and puppies,

PS - I feel I've been a little remiss in picture posting of late. . . I don't have any of new crafts, so here's one of Viola! Yea!
Close-up Vi

Saturday, December 1, 2007


My Etsy Shop has been updated with stock including Christmas stockings and ornaments! I know it's late but if you order. . . I promise to get you're stuff to you before Santa slides down your chimney (or through your mail slot. . . or breaks into your house or however he gets into places without chimneys and mail slots. . .).

Other news! New baby!!! Not me. . . oh no. . . imaginary boyfriends aren't exactly the knocking you up type. . . one of the perks. . . anyway. . . back on topic. . . New baby! My wonderful, beautiful, super awesome friends Becca and Joe had a wonderful, beautiful, super awesome baby a few weeks back. Here's a picture of him in his Tick ensemble crafted for him by his loving Aunt Erika!

Griffin is mighty!

Isn't he just 10 pounds of cute in a 5 pound bag!?!?!

Also. . . more shows!!! December 8th - NYC - Bust Holiday Craftacular! This will be my 3 year doing the Craftacular and I'm so super excited. The Craftacular was my first show ever and It's always been one of my best.

December 15th - San Francisco - Bazaar Bizarre! My first BazBiz!!! Woo Hoo! And my last show of the season. What a wonderful send off!

Then it's a bit of a break for me and the boyfriend. . . gonna hang out with Becca and Joe and the baby and decompress from this hectic season. Worry not, though, faithful reader, I will be posting. . . perhaps more than ever!

Well. . . back to the felt mills. . .

hearts and puppies,