Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sorry so absent!

Hi all!
Boy has it been crazy! Still is. . . Just wanted to let you know that this weekend is Crafty Bastards in Washington DC. If you're in the area. . . stop by! On the Crafty Bastards tip, they have a Q & A with me in their blog this week. Check it out!

Oh and here's a list of upcoming shows and fair where I will be selling my wares!

September 30 - Crafty Bastards - Washington DC
November 10 - Stitch - Austin, Texas
November 23 & 24 - Handmade for the Holidays - w. Gavin&Lily - Los Angeles, CA
December 15 - Bazaar Bizarre Holiday Show - San Francisco, CA

There are a few more dates to come (hopefully)! Hope to see you soon!

hearts and puppies,

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just got word!

My bed is on it's way!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

New work space!

And sleep space. . . and eat space. . .

It's tiny but it's home. . .

new studio

Are those new bag designs hanging from that chair and resting on those storage bins? I think they are!

just put up all my paintings and such

I spent 2 hours (maybe more?) hanging these pictures and I think I need more. . . what do you think?
Oh, like my bed? . . . it's temporary (and uncomfortable!). This is the daybed/sofa I will soon be sleeping upon!
Isn't it pretty! I splurged to get something modern. . . something that will be with me for the rest of my life. But It's taking forever to get here! But when it comes It will be upholstered in orange and will be 10 times more comfy than my air mattress!

That's it for now. . . back to work. . . new bag photos will be up next week!

hearts and puppies,

PS- Oh! I've added new links to my website and updated my bio! Yea! Have something you'd like me to link to? Let me know!