Friday, January 19, 2007

The tinniest splash.

It is with the smallest ker-plop that I jump into this big ocean of the blog. Ugh, blog, such an ugly word, can't I just call it an online journal like the old days (back in 2003)? Anyway. . .
Eventually this will be linked to my website, ,and to the New York Craft Mafia site but until that day this can be our little secret. Ssshhhh. . .

So I guess I should start this thing with some sort of manifesto or statement as to my purpose here.

I will be writing about:
my imaginary boyfriend (his name is Harold, by the way)
crafts in general
glitter, glue, polymer clay, sewing, embroidery, and felt in particular
once and future projects
how to's/tutorials

But will occasionally veer into talk of:
my mom
my dog, Viola
old movies
my affection for Jim on the Office
Martha Stewart

And will try to avoid:
bitching about celebrities
talking about my bodily functions, mood, or weight

I guess that's it for now. Now that I've tried this new fangled blog thing I think I'll go get one of those Myspace page thingies I keep hearing about. . .

hearts and puppies,

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