Saturday, September 6, 2008

Real Simple? More like Real Awesome!


Man, oh man, have I been busy! This Craft Stylish thing is great but there's so much to do and then the shop and commissions and Christmas shows. . . my head, it spins. . . and then I got a sudden mysterious rush in the shop.

Didn't know what was going on, wondered if it had to do with my new Craft Stylish job, but then had a think on that and decided against it. Figured it was just coincidence but then Sarah hipped me to the sidebar on Decor8. . . there I was! Well the birch logs. . . but still. . .Then I looked at the posts and there was a mention of a post on Real Simple's blog about favorite Etsy shops, and there I was again! Well. . . the logs again. . . but YEA! Right?

Anyway, that explains the rush from all parts of the world. Nice!

Well, I'd best get back to sewing those logs.

Hearts and puppies!

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Mr X Stitch said...

Great post on craft stylish - five handy stitches for beginners. Nice one!