Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Embroidery Classes @ ReFormSchool: Home Ec.

Do you live in LA? Want me to teach you to embroider? Well, you're in luck! My Embroidery 101 class at ReForm School: Home Ec. has just had an extra session added. There are still spaces left in the March 4th class if you're interested. Call ReForm School for more information.

Interested? Here's what you'll get:
This stitch sampler:

and the fabric to make your own during the class as you learn the above stitched (and more!).
AND. . .
This Sampler:
(or a pack of Sublime Stitching patterns) upon which to practice your newly learned stitches.

All for $60! What a deal!!!

Hearts and puppies,


Patty said...

I would love to take your class but I'm not driving right now and can't get up there (I'm in Orange County). I hope you'll be teaching another a class at some point.

erika said...

I'm sure I will be soon. If you go to you can sign up for their mailing list.