Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quick break from the Renegade prep!

So I'm here in MIBFHQ busily preparing for the upcoming Renegade San Francisco but it's always nice to take a crafty break from the insanity.

My break came in the form of wedding invites for my lovely friend Jen. She's doing a big time DIY wedding and and I offered to break out the Gocco and get to printing. I'm super happy with how they turned out! So happy I thought I'd share!
Jen & Kamar's invite

Well, guess it's back to Boyfriend work. Talk laters!

Hearts and puppies,


Stereoette said...

skwee! Those are awesome! Do I smell an "I married My Imaginary Boyfriend" side project in the works?

erika said...

I don't know. . . doubt anyone would hire a company called my imaginary boyfriend for their wedding needs. Might be awkward.

lauren haupt said...

they look great - I love the colors!

Hope said...

Those are amazing! Do you actually manufacture your invitation designs?

erika said...

Not yet, I'm very new to the stationary side of crafting so for now, I'm only doing stuff for friends. Though if you know anyone who'd like to hire a newbie, let me know!!!

Chaos Mandatory said...

As the groom in said wedding I have to sat these invitations were awesome. Super well designed adfit perfectly. Thanks so much!