Thursday, May 13, 2010

More new things from MIBF HQ

Hi All!

Well, Maker Faire is less than 2 weeks away and I've got sooooo much to do before I head up to lovely San Mateo. Still, I can't leave you hanging, now, can I? Here's a few more snaps of the latest items to come out of my chaotic craft room.

The great take over!
A gaggle of Sasquatch have joined the Yetis.

And to make use of all the cool coffee mugs I find while thrifting. . . The Coffee Klatch Pin Cushion
Coffee Klatch Pin Cushions
More details from the top:
Coffee Klatch Pin Cushions- detail, top

Okay, must finish my sandwich and then get back to work!

Hearts and puppies,


Caitlin said...

You were one of my past and current favs of the Maker Fair. Check out my reviews (of the fair and your crafts) on my blog:
Thanks ;)

A Woven Life said...

These are so cute!! My favorite is the Strawberry shortcake one!

Sam said...

those are adorable! i literally said "aww" out loud when the image loaded. wish i could've been at maker faire to snag one of the little guys!

erika said...

hey, Sam, they'll be in the Etsy shop this week! Promise!!!

clover said...

how was maker faire?? your little sasquatch & yetis are too cute!!! :)

erika said...

It was really fun! Sorry I haven't posted in a while (or listed those monsters) life has been crazy here.

Mary Elizabeth said...

I love these guys!!
keep up the good work.