Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Craft a day - the real 19!

She's back!!!

After a craptastic week, I'm now ready to rock!

Yes last week was meh, and was punctuated buy a car accident (I'm fine, rolled into a parked car, all are well who are not cars). And followed by Saturday where I chased what I thought was my neighbors dog 3 blocks. . . barefoot. . . after the dog got spooked by my Vi. . . OH! and another neighbor tried to help with his car and it broke in the chase AND we never caught the dog but we did have to push his car back to his home. . . all that and I found out that it was not my neighbors dog I was chasing. . . so i was running after a strange dog. . . and I am woefully out of shape. And I might be cursed. . .

Anyway. . . I'm now back on track! Yea! I made this yesterday:
Craft a day - day 19

Joi had mentioned that she thought a stuffy house would be cute. I said, I can do that! So I did, so Joi, this one's for you!

Hearts and puppies,


Cindy said...

I want to live in this house

erika said...

me too!