Saturday, March 1, 2008

Craft a day - the week that never was. . .

That's what I'm calling this week! I get a replay!

I suppose you could also call it the week of the log because that's what I made this week, lots of logs! First, the lovely Chris from the lovely Seattle took a picture of Monday's log in it's new home:
Log in it's new home!
It looks so smart in its new home! I bet this log will be doing the Sunday Times crossword puzzle in pen in no time!

And these logs are heading to Kansas City, MO and Venice, CA!
More Logs!

I tried making other things this week but nothing really panned out. I started working with polymer clay for the first time in like 10 years and I forgot what a pain it can be, especially in dusty Bakersfield. No matter how many times I washed my hands my clay still got all sorts of muck in it. I did okay with the darker colors but the lighter colors. . . YUCK! And the bubbles! I never remember having a bubble problem before. Wonder if they've changed the formula, or maybe I was just that good back then. . . hee. I did make these deer:
Polymer clay deer
I need to varnish them now which takes forever with the waiting and the wet sanding. . . makes me remember why I love felt.

Anyway. . . I'm extending the craft a day one week because this is the week that never was. . . That's the plan anyway. . .

Hearts and puppies!

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Stereoette said...

the deer are made from clay?? how?? how?? i must know!