Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm here! I'm here!

Apparently, if you blog nearly every day for over a month and then regress to lackadaisical blogging ways your friends will yell at you. It's funny. . . I forget that anyone reads this thing sometimes and then I hear, from several fronts that my blog is lonely. I'm sorry blog!

I have a ton to post about but I've been super busy getting ready for Bazaar Bizarre at the Maker Faire . It promises to be an amazing show! If you're in the area you should really try to go. Tickets are a bit pricey at $20 a day but it's for the whole of the Maker Faire not just the shopping area and the Maker Faire is so very super cool.

Anyway. . . That's all for now. Just letting you know I'm here. . . I have a lot of sewing to do but I promise you that I will post in the coming days! Here's a taste of posts to come:

- I bought a bike!
- Screen print BIRCH logs!
- Weirdest thing I've ever found at a thrift store! (and that includes the matching Hawaiian shirt and dress combo Heidi and I found at the best thrift store in the world, American Way Thrift at Chester and 19th [RIP] circa 1995)
- Erika's adventures in patchwork robots and machine applique
- The cutest Doctor Who monster ever! With how to and pattern!!!

Okay, back to work! Talk soon!

Hearts and puppies,


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Cindy said...

See I'm not the only one who misses your blog. We're watching you! But not in a creepy stalker kind of way. BTW, I love the Dr. Who creature. Too cute!

Sarah said...

Ok, I keep hearing talk of these birch logs, but no real proof of their existence. you've got some 'splaining to do!

MJC said...

Hello. This post is likable. If possible gives a last there. Definitely.

erika said...

Oh, blog spam. . . but I've kept it here so your joke makes sense, MJC!