Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New house pics!

I'm frantically stitching, getting ready for that secret project that I'll be able to tell you about in a week's time but I wanted to share some of the pics from my new place. I'm sooooo happy to once again have a place that's all my own. I have a lovely housemate who gave me free reign to decorate as I saw fit and, it seems, we're both super happy with the outcome. So here we go, some of then new house. Couldn't get a great shot of the kitchen and stayed out of my housemate's room but you get the idea.

The living room:
New Home, Living Room

New Home, Entryway

The dining room:
New Home, Dining Room

My super green bedroom:
New Home, Green Bedroom

New Home, Green Bedroom

Tiki bathroom 2.0:
Tiki Bathroom 2.0

Tiki Bathroom 2.0

Tiki Bathroom 2.0

And finally my beautiful golden workroom:
New House, Office/Craft Room

New House, Office/Craft Room

Well back to super secret work!

Hearts and puppies!


Mucha Muchacha Jewelry said...

Your place looks so great. Congratulations on your new digs!

Nicole said...

Your bedroom is soooo Amalie-icious...(sorry about the -icious...Project Runway's on tonight:-) Love it!

erika said...

I need some paintings of dogs or something to complete the Amalie-ness.