Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shop Updates!

In honor of me getting off my tush and listing them, here's a glamour shot of them in my Eames chair:
Mid-century Birch Logs

Also in the shop, this!
Mrs Roper Tote, Interior

And this!
Blue and Orange Pleated Tote

And this!
Totally Tote

Yea! More will be up soon. I still have to get my robot on and get those bad boys into the shop. So much to do! Between the shop, the home, and a still secret project I'm crazy busy but it is in the best way possible.

Guess that's all for now! Oh! One more thing, some of my older items in the shop are now on sale for 50%! I'm practically giving them away! Crazy Erika's cutting prices!

Okay, now that is all. . .

Hearts and puppies,


Anonymous said...

those pin cushions are frickin adorable! and yay for a secret project... i bet i have an idea about what it is. i hope you're having fun out there in CA!

erika said...

hee hee, I bet you do. . .

Nicole said...

Love the Birch pillows!!!!