Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The one in which Erika does something right. . . finally!

I burned my first successful, unassisted, screenprinting screen today! Woo hoo! Aw yeah!

Check it out:
"Robot Parade! Robot Parade!"

I'm so happy this worked. I really really needed a win today.

Hearts and puppies,


Mr X Stitch said...

Brilliant work! I like the kinda juxtaposition between the faded glamour of colour scheme and the modern kitsch of the robot.
You should be very pleased with yourself.

MiyaSohoza said...

Excellent! you=win!

Daniel Yuhas said...

Yay robots! I can imagine their little hearts going wom wom wom... go you!

erika said...

Y'all are too too kind!

Breezy said...

congratulations! screenprinting is so gratifying when stuff actually goes the way you want it!

love your blog :)

goody-goody said...

So cute! "Wave the flags that the Robots made.." I <3 TMBG.

erika said...

Breezy- Yeah, the first screen I tried, it did not go well. . . I forgot a very key step when exposing the screen and accidentally exposed both sides! Oh well, that's how we learn. And thanks!
Goody-Goody- Hee hee hee me too!

MJC said...

The robots look happy! Yay.

daddy in a strange land said...

Very nice. Double points for quoting a song from a TMBG kids' album. :) (L loooves their kids' stuff.)

nik said...

I'm so proud of you!
Awesome work!!!