Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays! I'm never doing that again!!!

Hello beautiful, beautiful people!!!

Well, my show season is over. . . 5 shows. . . 6 weeks and a metric ton of felt. It was all exhausting and overwhelming and I think I may have lost 70% of my friends because I fell into my little craft hovel so intensely. Friends! Don't take it personally! I do love you still!

I know I still have more to say but I must admit I'm still a bit shell shocked by the whole affair. Once I fully get over it all I'm sure I'll have better insight on it all. Absolutely sure! It will be deep and great and life affirming. . . for sure. . .

Now I have to make Christmas presents for friends (who will all get them late, sorry, thanks for understanding!). Never stop working this one. . .

Thanks to all who came by at all the shows! It was so great to meet everyone. And if you've bought something. . . thanks even more! Thanks too to all who stopped by my Etsy shop! Things have been flying away over there. It's been really wonderful.

Well. . . that's all for now. . . Happy Holidays! Talk soon!

hearts and puppies,

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