Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bust Holiday Craftacular!!!

The show that's soooo great and soooo fun that they actually had to make up a word for it is coming up this very weekend! It's the 3rd Annual Bust Holiday Craftacular! Woo hoo! Dancing and singing all around!!!

We here at my imaginary boyfriend HQ have been lucky enough to be involved with this show since the begining. . . in fact, the Craftacular was our very first show back in 2005 (so long ago. . . I wore my hair in ribbons then. . . ah, yes I remember it well. . . Oh, sorry.). This year we're sharing our table with the lovely Sarah of Gavin&Lily and most recently of Birch Handmade. We luv, luv, luv sharing with Sarah! She's so our crafting BFF! And it doesn't hurt that she makes some of the prettiest jewelery around. Yeah. . . my imaginary boyfriend and I only have the most talented friends. . .

Well I guess that's all for now. Must get back to sewing felt rock and logs and such. Remember to come by if you're in New York. It promises to be the funnest of fun times!

hearts and puppies,

PS - I feel I've been a little remiss in picture posting of late. . . I don't have any of new crafts, so here's one of Viola! Yea!
Close-up Vi

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MJC said...

Oops, this happened! Ah, I'm sad I missed seeing you. I hope it was great.