Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The one in which Erika does the right thing. . .

So. . . a few months back I made this:


And I grew quite attached to it. Even though I had started to make it for someone else I really really really wanted to keep it for myself. The closer I got to finishing it, the more I wanted to keep it forever. But then it sat there in my room for a bit. . . in a corner. . . and every time I looked at it I felt guilty because it was never meant for me. . . it was meant for Alex. So this Christmas I did the right thing and sent the lovely stuffed Tardis to it's proper home. Here's the reaction it got:

Alex and his Tardis

Pretty great reaction, huh? Yeah. . . he was happy. . . I did the right thing. . . and that's what Christmas is all about! Now I'm off to make one of my very own.

hearts and puppies,


MJC said...

Aw...yes, you did do the right thing...unless Alex never lets me see which case you should kidnap it back.

Anonymous said...