Friday, May 9, 2008

Catching up. . .

So to catch up with the list from a few weeks back. . . first. . .

I bought a bike! OH! And I got a haircut!
Bikes are fun!
And I've been riding it!
Riding right at ya!
Though I must admit that riding it in my current physical shape puts a medley of Queen's Bicycle Races and Fat Bottomed Girls in my head. Hopefully that won't be the case for too long!

Second. . . Screenprint birch logs! Check 'em out!
Maker Faire 2008- Birch logs

Third! The most wonderfully wacky, strange thing I've ever found in a thrift store. Found at one of the many lovely Goodwill stores in my town.
Strangest thing I've ever thrifted. . .
It's just a ceramic unicorn head. . . what's so strange about that?
Well. . . how about this
Strangest thing I've ever thrifted. . . Part 3
What's more. . . he's not just painted on there, he's part of the mold! And then the artist who painted Santa added a whole level of creepy to the odd. Here's a close up. . .
Strangest thing I've ever thrifted. . . Part 2
He looks like he's been on a 2 week meth binge! And what's with that pink thing on the bottom, which isn't made better by the fact that he's apparently squatting. . . poor Santa. . .
Strangest thing I've ever thrifted. . . Part 4
There were 4 of them. . . I love thrifting!

Finally. . . Robots!
Maker Faire 2008- Robots!
and Doctor Who monsters!
Adipose frolic in the flowers!
If you want to learn how to make them, check out my Crafty TARDIS post!

That's all for the catching up. . . Next post. . . Maker Faire!

Hearts and puppies,


Sickofitcindy said...

I NEED a robot!!!!!!!!!!! The birch logs are lovely. I love the the Dr. Who guys in the flowers. So springlike. The bicycle pics so cute. Can you tell I love this post? You have more than made up for the lack of picture blogginess.

erika said...

Hee hee hee!

So get this. . . my Flickr pics of me on my bike seem to have attracted the attention of some guy with a ballet flats fetish. He asked to add the pics to his Flickr pool. Um, thanks?

I'm sure I can hook you up with a robot. . . I still owe you a clutch!

alicia lynette said...

will these robots wind up in your etsy shop? i am always looking for robot gifts for my boyfriend. he loved the robot ornament (from your shop) i gave him for christmas!

erika said...

They will!

I need to make more, they all sold at Maker Faire, but when they're made they will make their shop debut!

They'll also be in my booth at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn!

Tom said...

Mmmmm, ballet flats.... :)

Awesome pics and get going on your site ideas. I gotta get MTG up and running soon too, so I'll be in code mode for a bit.

P.S. The adipose still creep me out.

Krissi's Stitchery said...

I adored you before I knew you were a fan of the Doctor, now I can hardly stand it! Your cute little adipose softies are too perfect!!!

nikki said...

Love the haircut! I'm so sorry I didn't recognize you in Cali!!

And the Santa... oh man. that is amazing. I totally want one.

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

you bought the unicorn santa things right? tell me you bought them.

erika said...

I most assuredly bought the unicorn santa! 75 cents! How could I not!?!

Later I found even more but at another Goodwill but they wanted $1.79 for them. . . what do they think, I'm made of money!?!?