Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's official. . . Gooco's toast. . .

Those in the Gocco know have known this since the summer but I'm a bit of a shut-in and somehow missed the oh so saddening news. Gocco's no more. . . For reals this time.


Back in '05 I started collecting bulbs and screens when I heard Riso might not make them anymore. I cleaned up when Dick Blick was clearing out their supplies. I thought that that was that, but then I started to hear rumblings that supplies were still being made. I didn't believe them at first, but my friend Sarah assured me that, as far as she knew, I was wrong, everything was being made again! Yippy!

Buoyed by the possibility of future Goccoing, I started using bulbs and screens with abandon. Heck! I used 8 bulbs yesterday! Turns out I had one bumb bulb in the box and it took 4 attempts, and 2 screens to figure out the problem (I'm slow sometimes). And then today, while researching for a Craft Stylish post, I found out the painful truth. Riso, makers of Gocco, let retailers know this past July that they would no longer be making any supplies and that the end of this year is the end of Gocco. SADNESS! Stockpiles of supplies and machines are still out there but the prices have gone sky high. I just spent $45 for 2 boxes of bulbs. Last time I bought bulbs they were $12/box. Now, there are other places that have them for $14 but they require you to buy screens at the same time since bulbs are the real shortage item. I have screens! I need bulbs!

Even is gone. Guess they finally gave up. . .

Sigh. . . love you Gocco, you will be missed.

Good-bye Print Gocco. . . your flash bulbs burned out long before your legend ever did.

Hearts and Puppies,


Stereoette said...

I'm seriously super bummed about this too ;o( I've been terrified to burn my screens since i only have a few left.

Granted, now that you know how to screenprint, you can use that technique? I'm envisioning lots of itty bitty 3"x5" screens around your house :o)

erika said...

yeah but it's not gocco. . . there's just something about that little ol' machine.