Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh! More fuel for the anxiety fire

To add to my anxiety, another show:

Art Star Craft Bazaar

Are you in Philadelphia? Want to be in Philadelphia on the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd? Well, come on by and see if I break out of my block and make lots of pretty things to sell! That's exciting drama, is it not? Almost like watching Rocky! But with more felt woodland creatures and less raw egg drinking, meat beating, rope jumping, and pummeling. I probably won't win any Oscars either. . . . So really, nothing like Rocky. . . But it will be fun and I won't make you run up any steps!

Oh, there will also be tons of other awesome designers and craftspeople there as well. You should come. Boys 2 Men will be there with cheesesteaks!*

hearts and puppies,

* Boys 2 Men probably won't be there with cheesesteaks but, hey, anything's possible at the Art Star Craft Bazaar!


Michael Jeffrey said...

Tell you what: I'll go to Philadelphia just to check out your crafts* if you'll spell cheesesteaks correctly.**

*All right, to be honest, I'll take any excuse to go to Philadelphia at any time.

**I'll go even if you don't spell cheesesteaks correctly; see *

erika said...

i did spell it like that! but then blogger spellcheck corrected me and i 2nd guessed myself... spellcheck!!!!

erika said...

oh, i was wrong, i never spelled it right. . . but it's right now and that's something, right?