Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Feeling better now. Thank you.

Hi all!
Just wanted to thank all my friends for their support and for saying all the things that would have been petty if they had come out of my mouth (or from my fingers).

Thanks to all my Craft Mafia girls for their "What were they thinking!?!"-s. A special thanks to Joi for talking to me for a full hour and telling me all of her conspiracy theories on my slight and then commissioning a shadow box from me. Working on that box really helped me focus on something other than a mind full of "What did I do wrong?"

Thanks to Cindy for telling me that they're obviously crazy.

Thanks to Tom for trying, though he called at the worse time and I threw him over for a giant tray of Los Pollitos Super Nachos with chicken and 2 pieces of their yummy Mex-corn (and thanks to Los Pollitos for all their tasty goodness at a very affordable price). Even without all of the food that had just been delivered, I just wasn't ready to suss out the why-s of it all. Thanks for understanding (that thanks goes to my Mom too).

Thanks to Julie and Steve for letting me sit on their couch, watch their Showtime on demand (yea! This American Life!) and various other TV wonders (I stand by my stance that Robin Hood is good and fun!), drink their beer, and eat their food for almost all of Sunday. They made me laugh and completely took my mind off anything imaginary boyfriend related.

That is all for now. I'll post pictures of Joi's shadow box soon.

hearts and puppies,

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