Wednesday, April 4, 2007

OH! I forgot to post this! Diorama Lodge!?!?!

So I missed this yesterday because I had some sewing to do but my, oh my do I want to go next month! Who wants to go with me? Come on y'all!

Diorama Lodge

8:00 - 11:00 DIORAMA LODGE: Got a hankering for liquor-fueled arts and crafts?Are you one of those people who relished those assignments in elementary school that required you to create a diorama? Do you see a shoe box as the setting for a whole new world? Do you miss the taste of paste - or are you a hot shot with a glue gun? Do you save boxes of junk in case someday you might 'make something' out it.The theme will be announced on the night of... and there will be one first prize, voted on by all the creators (and drinkers) that show up. Bring your own shoebox plus glue, found objects, foil, toothpicks, craft store doo-dads, string, cotton balls, cake toppers, general junk, and inspiration. Bring stuff for your own diorama - but you are also strongly encouraged to bring stuff to share with the communal stew of diorama ingredients. (Note: We will be required to clean up after ourselves.) Arrive at 8pm for 8:15 start. (8-11:00pm), Held on the first Tuesday of every month after...

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