Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bloggers love the rock!

Funny, as I get ready to leave this little chunk of Long Island known as Brooklyn awareness for my "I ROCK NY" bags grows and grows. The attention is great but it makes me a bit sad too. Not that they love my work enough to recognize but just that I'm leaving the town that inspires me to rock. Anyway. . . check it out. . . first some rock love in Rare Bird Finds a super great shopping blog and then Joi hipped me to the loveliness that is the Gold School blog. Yea! such fun!

As for the move. . . it is approaching faster than an oncoming train! Yep, it's this weekend. It seems it's come so fast. . . a few weeks back I was getting ready for Renegade, now everything (including my sewing machine!!!) is in boxes and bins and plastic wrap. . . it's enough to discombobulate a girl! My dad comes in tomorrow to help me transport all 5 and a half years of accumulated miscellany across this great big country of ours. Who's bright idea was it to move to California!?!? Oh yeah. . . mine. . . It's all so overwhelming. . . I don't think it will all finally set in until I'm somewhere in Ohio. Now it's just boxes and paint and the security deposit (specifically, getting it back).

I'm gonna try to blog the trip. . . it should be interesting. Dad and I don't spend that much time together. I don't think we've spent more than 4 or 5 hours alone together and now we're heading off cross country in a moving van. This is the stuff of art house movies, people! Expect amazing revelations! . . . or just long stretches of silence. . . either way. . . what a read!

Talk to you soon.

hearts and puppies,

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