Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Moving right along. . . Gugh-gugh-duh-gugh-gugh-duh

Don't know if you know but I'm moving from my beloved Brooklyn. After 5 years in NYC I'm heading out at the end of the month. It was a hard decision, but the right one. I think I'll be able to make something brilliant of the boyfriend if I can cut my costs back (something I could never do here).

So where am I going and what am I doing?

Well. . . I'm moving home, back to Bakersfield, back to my mom's. I must admit I'm a little afraid, scared I'll fall into the familiar day to day that was my life in Bakersfield 5 plus years ago. It was comfortable then. . . I was, to a small degree, a local celebrity, profiled for my acting in the local paper, the lead in community plays, free fries at the Burger King because I was that girl from Comedy Sportz. . . I must admit it was nice. . . but that is not why I'm moving. No, I'm moving to get myself off of this plateau I've built for myself.

If I can cut back my costs, I feel I can really focus all my energy on making the boyfriend profitable. Yes, my imaginary boyfriend and I are planing to take over the world!. . . from Bakersfield. . . for now. . .

Goals for this new year:
More shows!
A clear and concise wholesale catalogue
A better website!
An always full web shop
Collaborations that you will love (can't tell you who the collaboration will be with just yet but I can tell you that it is gonna be so super awesome you just won't know what to do with yourself!)
Leather work (my imaginary boyfriend will be making leather goods by this time next year, THAT is a promise!)

Well. . . that's all. . . but that's a lot. . . no?

hearts and puppies (and hopes and dreams. . .),

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