Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On the road, day 2

We started in Hebron, OH. . . we are now in Joplin, MO. . . dad's still snoring (and farting) so I'm having a bit of a hard time sleeping right now even though I'm beyond exhausted. . .

The drive was a bit easier today though he still drives as thought he's in a car and not carting around all my most prized possessions. Today, he was a bit crazy on a turn and I asked him not to break my stuff. He was all, "well if it were to get broken, it would have happened all ready." Gee dad, thanks. . . Who knew my dad was such a card?

For the most part we were quite today, driving and listening to music and This American Life but we did have moments. . . here are some highlights:

- Heading into Indiana. . . here's the exchange:
Dad: Now that we're in Indiana, I need to tell you a story. . .
Me: Okay
Dad: Well, there was this Indian lady. . .
Me: Dots or feathers?
Dad: Feathers. . .
Me: Okay
Dad: So she went to this doctor and he saw that she didn't have any nipples. . .
The doctor says, "that's unusual. . . you have no nipples. . ." She says "yeah, it's happened to like 500 women in my tribe. . . they even have a name for us. . ."
The doctor says, "yeah? what's that?" The woman says "the Indian nipple-less 500"

Yep. . . I had the same reaction. . .

-Waffle House waffles, bacon, and coffee are the bomb!

=There are a LOT of caverns on the road.

- Unless it's to eat, pee, or get gas, there is no stopping on this trip. . . all photos will, in all likelihood be from the truck. . .

Here are some pictures from today. . .
from the road
Homes in Ohio

Springfield, OH
Springfield. . . Are we there yet?

Waffle house and truck
Our truck at the Waffle House

St. Louis arch
St. Louis

Dad and the Mississippi
Dad and the Mississippi

Well, I guess that's all for the day. . . It's quiet for a short time right now, I'm going to try to fall asleep before the snoring starts again. . . Oh well too late. . . still. . .

Love from Missouri.

hearts and puppies,

PS- OH! We ate at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant called Yummy Yummy. It wasn't so much. . . but it was Chinese food in Ohio, what did I expect? Still that name. . . it's a good one. . . and I learned that my dad and I were both born in the year of the rabbit! Who knew!?!?


Stereoette said...

im so pretending you didnt ask "dots or feathers."

erika said...

how else do you know?

linda said...

i have a nearly identical pic of paul driving over that same bridge...glad you made it okay!!

Cindy said...

I appreciate this exchange so much more because I know your dad.