Saturday, March 3, 2007

Martha my Love. . .

Hi all!
Sorry I've been so lapsed in updating, life gets in the way and I'm sure this won't be the last time that the blog will suffer neglect (thank God there's no Blog Protective Services for neglected blogs!). Anyway. . . let's get to the reason why we're here. . . the latest project. . . introducing Ms. Martha Stewart!

Oh Martha. . . so. . . perfect. . . so controlled. . .

She's fascinated me for ages! Many find her patronizing and pretentious but I see her as a great egalitarian. She just automatically assumes that everyone can do what she does, live like she lives. On her show, Martha, she recommends that families take the kids to Greece for Spring break and that you use imported vintage glass glitter on your gilded Christmas tree topper because she thinks that her glamorous life is attainable by all. It's dumb-foundingly beautiful!

I was once watching Martha and she was answering this letter from a college student in Wisconsin in her "Ask Martha" segment. The girl had written in to find out what kinds of pots and pans and such she and her fellow students would need to outfit their dorm's kitchen. Martha answered her questions and then gifted the dorm a full set of Martha-sanctioned pots and pans. So nice! Then came the Martha moment that epitomizes all Martha moments for me. . . Martha pointed out the stockpot in the collection and told the girl that it's perfect for lobster! Lobster! The girl was like "um. . . okay. . ." And Martha just kept going on about how wonderful it would be to make lobsters. . . for the dorm. . . in Wisconsin. . . Because in Martha's world that's what we eat. . . Lobsters!

Here is the Martha of my mind, birds fly above her, spelling out her favorite line "It's a good thing," below her, flowers and spools of thread in her signature green. To finish the piece I framed her in "faux bois" (French for fake wood, Martha loves faux bois!) hand painted felt. The whole piece measures 16" by 18" and is cotton floss embroidery and wool felt appliqué on wool felt. Stitches used: Chain stitch, satin stitch, stem stitch, split stitch, and French knots.

Here are some close up shots:
Close up on one of the birds and Martha's hair.

Close up on birds and text rendered in stem stitch.

hearts and puppies,

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christal said...

ok, I LOVE THAT*** I can't wait for your spring stuff to hit etsy, I was just thinking about my great stockings yesterday & wondering when I would able to have more of your fabu creations.