Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sssshhhhh. . . Don't tell. . .

I'm currently crafting at work! I mean shhhhh, i'm currently crafting at work.

Okay. . . technically not currently since I'm typing this right now, but I do have a felt robot sitting on my lap with a needle sticking out of it's eye. Scary needle-eyed robot!

I wish I could full on get my craft on at work. If I'm doing my job, what should the corporate overlords care what I do with the down time in between phone rings and copies? How is stitching or drawing or knitting (a craft that I've had to give up thanks to an affliction I call "shaky hand.") any worse than my normal killing time online? Apparently looking busy is far more important that actually being busy. And so I waste the most creative hours of my day reading television without pity , stereogum and gawker.

I'm trying my best to work around this, though, and so today is my latest attempt at 9 to 5 stealth crafting. It's all about keeping the work low and small. Using shorter floss lengths. . . lowering the office chair. . . So far, so good.

My most outlandish (and least stealth-like) stint of 9 to 5 crafting came a few years back in the form of a prop for my friend Dyna's show Neo Tokyo Girl Crush 2040! I made a cannon arm for one of the characters while sitting under my desk during a particularly dead time at work. Let's hear it for the 9 to 5!!! Sigh.

Check out that cannon arm!!!

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