Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the waiting is the hardest part

Hey Tom! I quoted your man, Tom Petty! Oh, man. . . I can't believe I quoted Tom Petty. . .

Anyway. . .

Spring show season is fast approaching and my applications are out in the ether, out of my hands. . . applications in the hands of a (hopefully not) angry juried alt-craft fair.

I hate this time.

I have (knock on wood/throw salt over my shoulder/go outside, knock to be let back in, be refused, repeat 2 more times before I'm once more granted admission into the building) never not gotten into a show but it doesn't make my anxiety any less anxious. After all, isn't there always a first time?

Flashback to this past November. I had just finished a successful showing at Stitch Austin. Got a lot of positive feedback. . . sold a lot of stuff. . . I should have been happy, right? Wrong. Because I had yet to hear from the Bust Holiday Craftacular and it was the day the acceptance e-mails were going out. All over the craft community message boards were posts about getting in (and not getting in) but I had not heard peep one. On top of that I was stranded at the Austin airport because my flight was delayed due to bad weather in New York.

What was going on!?!? Being the shiny, happy girl I am, I, of course jump to the conclusion that I've not been accepted to this show and that I'm a failure! I start crying. . . in the airport. . . calling my Mom. . . calling my friends. . . going off in equal parts of "What did I do wrong?/Why don't they like me this year?/Forget them! They wouldn't know talent if it shook it's tail feathers in front of them!!!"

Um. . . yeah. . . I know. . . drama much? Sigh. . . kinda makes sense that my mom used to call me her little Sarah Brnhardt. . . Let's just say, I'm not particularly proud of that facet of my personality. . .

What was actually going on? A glitch in the Bust email system where a number of the acceptance letters got lost in the great big world of zeros and ones. . . Oops. . . They do love me!!! I take back that talent thing. . .

So, yeah, that's why I hate the waiting.

I'm doing my best to try and fill the time. Made a baby bag for my friend, and fellow Craft Mafia member, Sarah who just had a super cute baby girl. And I've been working on some new style directions for line. I just finished a new pleated clutch (but is it too close to the pleated clutch that has been vexing Joi over at Stereoette?). Only time and you all will tell. As Cindy says, there are only so many shapes. . .

Tomorrow I'll post pics of the new bags and you can tell me if I'm a big steal-ly thief who steals things.

hearts and puppies!

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