Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The promised bag. . .

Tomorrow is today over here at my imaginary boyfriend HQ! Here are the bags I promised you! First the new diaper bag. . . As you can see, it's a messenger style bag.

I like the idea of a diaper bag that doesn't scream "I'm a diaper bag!! Baby things are kept in me!!!" You know? Just because you have a kid doesn't mean that you suddenly want to carry around totes with child like drawings of zoo animals or bears (which I guess could qualify as a zoo animal, such a stickler!) and so far I've yet to find someone who's developed a sudden love for quilted pastels once they added a life to the world. But then again I don't know that family from TLC's "16 Children and Counting" or whatever it's called, they seem like the pasteled zoo animal type(but honestly, those people scare the living hell out of me!!!).

Anyway. . . more on the bag. I added lots of pockets, one under the flap and one on the back. On the inside there's 2 small pockets for Mom things like phones and lip gloss, a pocket for the namesake diapers, 2 sets of elastic loops for bottles or sippy cups, and a big pocket for the matching changing pad. The strap is adjustable so that it can be shortened and hung on a stroller.

Sarah was happy with it. Which made me happy. The fabric has a story all it's own. I picked it up a couple of years back at a discount fabric store in my hometown of Bakersfield, California. The color and pattern were so wonderfully off. . . I was automatically drawn to it. Bright pink! Clipper ships! Aw yeah! I'm convinced that it was some sort of dye lot mistake (a great explanation for how it ended up in discount-town). I finally used some of it for a few bags over the holidays and I asked my Mom to check to see if they still had it. I wanted more!!! Apparently they did because my over zealous Mom got so excited by the price (a mere $2 a yard!) that she bought me 40 yards! Yes you read right. . . 40 yards. I could make bags, cover my sofa, outfit a bridal party, and still have enough fabric to make 15 pillows! At least! My Mom's the type of lady who when you say "Get all of that fabric you can get." takes you seriously! And I love her for it!

Here's the other bag I made using my beautiful clipper ship fabric. . . my pleated clutch:

and view two:

Any thoughts?

hearts and puppies,

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