Thursday, February 21, 2008

Craft a day - 12, 13, & 14: 2 Ties, a Bag, and a Pizza Place

Okay. . . well, no pizza place. . . those things are a bitch to craft!

Sorry I've been remiss in posting but I swear I've still been crafting! Our internet's been all loopy and out of wack and every time I've tried to post I just couldn't connect. . . Story of my life. . . anyway, that's a HUGE sidetrack, another story for another blog. . . so. . . ON WITH THE CRAFTS!

Monday I made a tie. A pretty, pretty blue corduroy tie with yellow lining. I like it quite a bit.
Craft a day - day 12

Tuesday I made another tie! Out of my lovely brown and blue pinstripe. I added a spacey lining because the pinstripe reminds me of Doctor Who which is very, very spacey.
Craft a day - day 13
Brown and blue pinstripe back

Wednesday it's a bag, a lovely shopper tote made from my lovely Paris shops fabric. Super cool!
Craft a day - day 14

Hearts and puppies!


Stereoette said...

and WHEN are you going to list these fabulous things on ETSY?????

erika said...

When all the crafting craziness is done!