Sunday, February 10, 2008

Craft a day - 3 (it's a magic number)

So. . . I actually can't share today's craft. . . it's for someone who reads this li'l ol' blog and I wouldn't want to mess up the surprise. When I know it's delivered, then I'll share it!

But to tide you photo-phiends over I took pictures of my big (slightly early) spring cleaning and closet purge. Today I gave up the ghost of my skinny clothes. It was hard and I now, quite literally, have nothing to wear, though, honestly even when my closet was full I still had nothing because none of it f-ing fit! Sigh. . . Mind you giving up the clothes does not mean I'm giving up the battle against my ever expanding behind, it just means that I finally realized that once I can fit into those size 7 skinny jeans, I won't want to wear them!

So. . . first. . . the closet!
Spring cleaning vs. the Closet, view 1
and. . .
Spring cleaning vs. the Closet, view 2

The desk!
Spring cleaning vs. my desk

And, saving the best for last. . . the bookcase! I moved and centralized my fabric and I love, love, love it!!!
Spring Cleaning vs. the Bookcases
and. . .
Spring Cleaning vs. the Fabric

Yea for organization!

Yea for secret day 3 craft!

Be swift USPS! Be swift!

Hearts and puppies,

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