Friday, February 8, 2008

Craft a day! Day One!!!

So as soon as I wrote the last post I thought "What did I do!?!?" I told Opus about my fear and he said, "Yeah, I know what you're talking about." And I'm only doing it for a month! EEK!

But I've committed to this and I'm gonna do it!

Day One: I was going to make a tie. Apparently I picked out the wrong fabric, though, because even though I'd taken the same steps as I had the first time I made a tie a few weeks back, it did not turn out well. In fact I couldn't turn it out at all, my lining kept getting twisted. After having spend a good 4 hours on something that should have taken about 1 and ripping and resewing over and over again, I gave up. This is what it looked like when I finally let it die:

Craft a day!

Sigh. . . I gave up at 10:30 pm and I needed to make something FAST! So I cheated a little. . . I had a few faux bois painted hearts waiting to be sewn into pillows but I'd yet to get around to cutting the backs. I quickly cut a few backs and then sat down to sew up a pillow. I sewed and stuffed frantically and with only 2 minutes to spare I had this:

Craft a day. . . Take 2!


I also started work on a new portrait, but that's a craft that takes more than one day. . .
Here it is:

Begining of a new portrait project

Can't wait to figure out what I'm gonna make tomorrow!

hearts and puppies,


Stereoette said...

yay you did it! the tie would have been really cute but i think that purple fabric is too thick ;o(

erika said...

well. I think the purple wasn't the problem, I messed up in the lining of it. . . boo.