Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Craft a day - 6, wherein Erika has one of those days. . .

My oh my oh my. . .

I'm sure that every crafter can tell you that there are just as many craftastrophies (coined!) as there are craftcesses (okay. . . that one doesn't work quite as well. . .) and today was FULL of craftastrophies!

It started out fine, I finished the log order and then set to work on today's craft. I had fully intended on finishing the bag I mentioned yesterday but while pressing out the first piece managed to stain the vintage fabric with my leaky iron. Boo. . . no big. . . I can cut another piece but that does mean that I'm not really going to have the time to make the bag today. So I must, once again, put it off another day (perhaps I'm procraftinating).

Then I thought I'd make a brooch embroidered with a clipper ship and studded with beads. I have a ship pattern I made a while back that I thought would be perfect. I scanned the pattern and shrunk it down to size, but managed to destroy my printer trying to get it to print out. I also managed to get printer ink all over me and all over my wall.

Okay. . . so the big ideas weren't working for me, maybe a small idea. . . I've always wanted to try making fabric buttons with my Badge-a-minit. I've seen them before and it always seems like such a fun idea. Perhaps I was working on the wrong kind of surface (a board on my carpeted floor) but I couldn't get it to work out at all. I couldn't even get traditional paper to work properly. After wasting 5 pin fronts and backs I gave up on that too.

Now I had only half an hour before midnight. . . What to do!?!? I broke out the beads and created tonight's cop-out craft of the day:
Close up on today's craft
2 Pairs of beaded earrings. And I JUST realized I managed to get the pink beads all flip flopped about.

Sigh. . . sometimes a girl can't get anything right. . .

Hearts and puppies,


Angela said...

i like that the pink beads are flip flopped. they still look super cute.

i love that you are doing a craft a day challenge. i want to try it out too! it will give me reasons to finally write in a blog.

erika said...

yeah. . . I ended up keeping it that way. I think it suits! You should do it. . . but I warn you, it's a bit daunting sometimes!

Stereoette said...

I actually really like the pink flip floped beads too! And a big hug to you for that disapointing craft day. I have also failed to make fabric buttons on my badge a minit. I dont think it was the surface (although level hard surface does tend to be better) i think that badge a minit just sucks ;o)

lovelikethis55 said...

I see that you have used your badge a minit for fun while trying to make buttons, have you tried using American Button Machines?

here is the link: