Thursday, February 14, 2008

Craft a day - 7 (sort of) and 8

So for the second day in a row I met with a day full of blech. Lord knows I tried but every idea I had fell flatter than a souffle in a drum circle. To be perfectly honest with you, I gave up.


But I made up for it today! I woke up early and got to work! This is what I wanted to make yesterday, don't know why it didn't work for me, but it did work right away today. Thank God!
Check it out!
Craft a day- day 7 (sort of)
And from above:
Tree stump pin cushion

I'm so happy this worked. If it didn't I think I might have given up on this whole venture. . .

Spurred on by my early morning success I felt capable of working on that clutch that's vexed me so these past few days. And yea! It worked out and looks just like it looked in my mind (I love it when that happens!). Here it is, I call it the Lucky Clutch:
Craft a day- Day 8
Looks nice, right? It's pretty for sure, but what makes it so lucky, Erika?
Well, this!
Lucky clutch purse, open
And this!
Lucky clutch, lining

It's soooo fun! Makes me wish I had a date with a cute boy lined up so that I could use it. Alas. . . we all know I'm a bit of a shut in these days so I'll have to leave the dating to it's lucky buyer.

This success has refreshed me and I can wait to figure out tomorrow's craft.

Hearts and puppies,


Anonymous said...

i loooooooove that pin cushion! so adorable!

erika said...

yea! now i need to make more.