Friday, February 22, 2008

Craft a day - 15, Gugh-gugh-duh-gugh-gugh-duh

Day fifteen is pillow day! Yippy!

Boy it's been hard to motivate myself these last couple of days. I've been feeling 10 kinds of gross since Tuesday and the dreary weather here isn't helping. Still I must keep the crafts going! Thanks to all who have commented. . . it really does keep me motivated to keep on keeping on.

Today's craft is a pillow out of the cute French shop fabric accented with a sweet black ruffle. It's got a zipper and it's fully lined (because I'm fully nutty!).
Craft a day - day 15

I'm really happy with how this turned out. It will be a hard one to part with!

Hearts and puppies,


Angela said...

thats the cutest pillow ever!

erika said...

aw thanks! if my couch/bed wasn't orange i'd probably be tempted to keep it!