Friday, February 1, 2008

So much to blog about!

Firstly. . . my name is Erika and I'm a Rock Band-aholic. . . After watching my friends play Guitar Hero over and over and over and trying and failing miserably I begged them to get Rock Band.

You see, I suck at video games. . . just can't figure them and frankly most make me kinda nauseous with their movement. . . I get why others like them but I've never been all that into wasting my time on something for which I have no skill at all (same reason I avoid sports and heavy drinking). . . but man, I can sing! I have a degree in it! My vocal talent has never been in question, as one of my instructors at Conservatory once said, I was a waste of talent. . . my drive and ego were always in question but never my pipes. And with Rock Band you get to sing!

There was finally a video game I could play and not be lame! How awesome is that! Problem is. . . I became an addict immediately. . . We bought the game on Saturday, around noon, and over the 3 days I was visiting my friends I think I played it for nearly 30 hours!?!? We got take-out so we wouldn't have to leave. . . I learned the words to songs I never wanted to know just so I could advance on my solo tour. . . I learned the words to a Fallout Boys song for Christ's sake! I can never own this game! If I did I would never work, never leave the house (even less then I do now!), never do anything but rock (but not in the good way). . . This game is a danger to me and now I know. . . luckily my access is limited to my friend's house, 300 + miles away. I can visit Rock Band, but I can never, ever own it. . .

Now. . . onto what this blog is really about. . . making stuff and such. . . On that tip, I made a tie!
My first tie
It's my first foray into guy things. I'm quite happy with it. Actually. . . it's my second tie. . . the first used a commercial pattern and it was quite ugly, but I was able to learn from it and adjust it using what I learned as the tie girl in the New York branch of a British men's shirt and tie shop to come up with a pattern that made me happy. Here's the back:
Closer shot of back
I ordered some tags and as soon as they come the ties will be in my Etsy shop. I'm very excited about what will happen with these. . . they feel very high-end and they're made from vintage fabric (well, the lining isn't but the exterior is. . .) so they will be very limited. I can't wait to see where the line goes. New things are so exciting!!!

I have more to say but I don't want to make this post too long, too cluttered. Just know that there are more posts to come tonight and in the following days! Yippy!

Hearts and puppies,

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