Friday, February 1, 2008

The epiphany and the branches

Back in June I participated in the Art Star Craft Bazaar. . . the show, it was not so good. . . the organizers were great and sweet but the sales, they were not there. It happens sometimes, there's really no one to blame. . . except for maybe God because the weather SUCKED! Anyway. . . enough with the memory lane. . . the point. . . one of the good things that happened that weekend is that I bought these amazing porcelain branches, one with a bird upon it. Now I couldn't really afford to buy anything. . . I ended the weekend with a $400 + deficit, I sold very little but I was smitten!

The artist, one Guy Michael Davis, makes these beautiful porcelain creations in his studio. If I could have bought all he had with him, I would have but all I could manage were 2 bare branches and one branch with a bird. I had no clue where I was going to put them, I was moving in 6 weeks, but I knew I had to have them!

Weeks passed. . . I moved. . . Months passed. . . they stayed wrapped up in a corner. . . and then, this past weekend. . . hooray! An idea that seemed so simple. . . why not just mount them on my bookcases! I got out the drill and went to town and I'm so happy I did. . . here's how it looks:
Full shot of the GMD bird and branches.
Here's a nice shot of all the branches (and my thread and DVD collections, hee). Now a close up on the birdy:
Guy Michael Davis Bird on a Branch
Seeing these every day makes me so happy! Thanks Guy!!!

Hearts and puppies,

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